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    Photo by Bernard Dauphiné

    Training and musical tradition

    "Her musical universe is strong and colored " Marc Vignal, musicologist and critic in Le monde de la Musique.


    Photo by Bernard Dauphiné

    Francoise Choveaux was trained in the Lille Conservatory of Music CRD, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Musique de Paris, the Institute Peabody of Baltimore and in Juilliard School of New York. She performed in prestigious festivals in France, in Europe, in Asia, in the United States and in Brazil.


    Françoise Choveaux takes up with a musical tradition anchored in the 19th Century. She is a composer but also a pianist. As of today, she has already written more than 280 opus for all instruments and all formations, from solos to symphony orchestras. And her works are performed in Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Baltic States), in Asia and in America.

    Numerous live recordings and in studio were made of her music, among which the integral works of her quartets recorded by the famous Vilnius Strings Quartet.

    As pianist, she stood out as an privileged interpreter of French music: the international and specialized press approved by a large majority her recordings (10 Repertoire, 5 Diapasons) of the complete works for Darius Milhaud’s piano in world premiere.

    Sebastien Llinares, Nicolas Lestoquoy and Francoise Choveaux


    Photo : Nicolas Lestoquoy, Françoise Choveaux, Sébastien Llinares

    Germany : Promenades Musicales d’Oldenburg, Auditorium du Philharmonique de Baden Baden, Salle de Musique de Dresde…

    England : Kent Musical Festival, Ramsgate Spring Festival…

    Belgium: International Festival of Antwerpen, Concerts of the Brussels City Hall, Festival Rode Pomp in Ghent, International Festival of Flandres music

    Brazil: Festival of Sao Paulo, Bahia Salvador, Teatro Castro Alves

    Spain: Palace of Music in Valencia, Piano festival in San Pere de Rhodes, Piano Series in Madrid, Festival of Malaga, Music festival of Girona, auditorium of the regional conservatory of Linares, Barcelona Theater…

    USA : Carnegie Hall, Auditorium of Juilliard School, Lincoln Center (New York), Musical Bridges in San Antonio, Auditorium of Portland, Piano Series in Boston, Pianos Series in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Philadelphia University, UCLA, Columbia University (New York), MIT (Boston), Harvard University (Boston)

    Lithuania : Vilnius & Kaunas Philarmonic, National Museum, Tour in Vilnius Theaters with Vilnius string quartet

    France : Notre-Dame de Paris, American Church in Paris, Brazil Embassy, Festival Ma Vigne en Musique - Narbonne, Festival Les Théophanies Rieux Minervois, Festival Les Cabardièses, Theater of Arras, Theater of Grenoble, Le Colisée - Roubaix, International festival of Radio-France in Montpellier, Nancyphonies, Musicalta in Alsace, International festival in Lille, Piano nights of Aix-en-Provence, International festival of the Touquet, Floraisons Musicales of Châteauneuf du Pape, International encounters of La Prée, Theater of Montbéliard, Aix-en-Provence Theater, Marseille Theater, Grenoble La Rampe Theater, Musée des Beaux-Arts Lille, Musée LAAM Villeeneuve d’Ascq, Musée LAAC Modern Art Dunkerque, Musée MubaTourcoing, Musée La Piscine Roubaix, La Ferme de Flagey (collaboration with Musée Gustave Courbet Ornans),

    Italy : International festival of Spoleto, International Festival in Savona, Pordedone piano festival, Theater of Messin, Emilia Romagna festival, Auditorium of the museum of Napoli, Brescia Festival, Orchestra of the Toscanini Foundation

    Iceland : Reykjavik National Museum

    Lithuania : Vilnius Philarmonic and main lithuanian auditoriums during a tour

    Portugal : Coïmbra international festival, Grand theatre of Madeira

    Russia : Music palace in St-Petersburg, Gnessin conservatory in Moscow, Karely and Siberia festival, Concert Hall Novgorod Siberia, Novossibirsk Philharmonic

    Switzerland : Conservatoire La Chaux-de-Fonds, Recording in La Chaux-de-Fonds

    Tours in Asia : Music palace in Kyoto (Japan), Leum Auditorium, Seoul Arts Center (South Korea)…

  • Composition Work

    Françoise Choveaux has written over 280 opus : orchestral works, solo pieces, music chamber… She likes to write for all instruments. Each of her works is inspired, either by journeys, emotions, or connected directly with a literary or pictorial work.


    She likes to work directly with orchestras and musicians. For her, music is sharing.

    In 2002, she began an important orchestra cycle. First of all, by pursuing my series of three symphonies for strings today known and interpreted by several orchestras (Saint-Petersburg, Marseille Symphonic Orchestra…). Then, by writing a series of concerti. Her concerto n°2 for violin have been played during a series of concerts in the main cities of Lithuania (September 2002) by the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Orchestra.


    Her chamber music has always played an important role with works written for soloists and also established formations: her strings quartets were created and interpreted by the quartet of Vilnius, the Russian quartet Rimski-Korsakov, the quartet Debussy, the quartet Ravel, the quartet Danel and the Quartet Stanislas


    Guitar: Sébastien Llinares, Nicolas Lestoquoy

    Harpsichord: Catherine Zimmer

    Piano : Frédéric Neuburger, Ludmil Angelov, Dana Ciocarli, Gaspard Dehaene, Kiryl Keduk, Margarita Höenrieder, Kit Armstrong, Romain Descharmes, Bruno Rigutto, Cyril Guillotin, Borislava Taneva, Atsuko Seta, Joséph Martin, Caroline Sageman, Geoffroy Couteau, Wilhem Latchoumia

    Piano 4 hands duet: Duo Aurore

    Two pianos duet: Alexandra Radoulova, Gergana Nestorova

    Harp : Anne-Sophie Bertrand, solist for the vaFranckfürter Philharmonic, Isabelle Moretti

    Violin : Pavel Bermann, Deborah Nemtanu, Gérard Poulet, Vilhelmas Cepinski

    Viola: Michel Michalakakos

    Cello: Christian-Pierre Lamarca, Emmanuelle Bertrand, Dominique de Williencourt

    Flute: Jean Ferrandis, Magali Mosnier

    Oboe: François Meyer

    Clarinett: Paul Meyer, Fabio Furia

    Bassoon: Catherine Marchese, Gilbert Audin

    Trombone: Jacques Mauger

    Jazz Trio: Saxo: Hugues Rousé, Piano: Frédéric Volanti, Double Bass: Sébastien Dauchy

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  • Videos

    Fantaisie for harp op 202 

    Piano - Theme & variations op. 188 "Orixas"

    Tableau IV

    Tableau I

    Leonardo Da Vinci

    Hommage to Alberto Ginestra

    Violin Concerto No.2, opus 85

    Extract work for 4 hands

    Op 269, poem for four hands piano, Rungis Piano-Piano Festival, 2 october 2021

    Poem for organ - December 2022

    Prelude for piano

    Bianca Seufert

    Munich, op 180, no.9

    "Les lumières", 4 hands piano and strings quartet, op 286

  • Residencies & awards



    Festival Rieux-Minervois “Les Théophanies” France 2019

    Narbonne Classic Festival “Ma Vigne en Musique” France 2018-2019

    Museum La Piscine In Roubaix France 2017-2018 recording CD “Visions Sonores n° II” concerts in the Museum for the exibition.

    Tourcoing town with: the Muba Museum, Conservatory of Music, as well with La Virgule Theatre) France september 2015 to october 2017

    LLac Museum of Modern Art Dunkerque France, recording CD “Visions Sonores I at Vilnius Philarmonic . Piano recital for the exibition. 2013-2014

    Courbet Museum , Ferme de Flagey, Ornans 2013-2014 France

    Residence Abbey de la Prée “Académie des Beaux-Arts France 1999-2001



    Itaparica Brazil, Sacatar,American Foundation, 2013


    Laureat of Harald Genzmer Composition Competition in Munich Germany 2018


    Scolarship from Juilliard School of Music, New-York 1980 USA


    Scolarship from French Foreign Ministery France 1979


    Rotary scolarship France 1979

  • Working with Museums

    I have been working with museums for several years, on several projects :

    • Composition of special pieces for exhibitions
    • Composition of pieces dedicated to a particular painter 
    • Special concerts and performances mixing music and painting
    • Recitals

    Courbet Museum (Ornans, France)


    In 2013, I worked during a few months for the Courbet Museum. This museum is in Ornans (Doubs, France) and dedicated to the famous painter Gustave Courbet, who was born here and lived there many years.

    There, I wrote two orchestral works : one inspired by Le Chêne du Flagey, one inspired by L’Origine du Monde.

    I also wrote a piano album, inspired by the places near Ornans where Courbet has painted.

    Laac, Musée d’art contemporain, Dunkerque (France)


    In 2010, this museum organized a special exhibition with Jacques Doucet’s paintings. I chose one of them and wrote a piece for piano solo, called The irresistible Cobra. I played this piece for the first time in the museum when the exhibition was inaugurated.

    In 2001, for the same museum, I wrote Miniatures lyriques for piano solo, inspired by an exhibitions about famous painters in 1950′s (Hans Hartung, Alfred Mennessier…). These Miniatures was inspired by the graphism of each painting.

    Arthur Van Hecke

    When I came back in France after my studies in Juilliard School in New York, I lived in north of France, just near Arthur Van Hecke’s home. Self-taught painter, he was discovered by Jean Masurel, famous industrialist and collector of the North at the origin of the museum of contemporary art of Lille (LAM). From then on, Jean Masurel exposed his paintings beside Picasso, Léger… I discussed many time with him about colors, art and music.

    These conversations have inspired me for many works especially two works :

    • Symphony Indigo for Strings Orchestra op. 2

    • Strings Quartet n°1 Souvenirs de Flandres op. 5


    • Recital at Leum Museum // Seoul, Korea.
    • Recital for the exhibition on André Masson retrospective, invited by the famous Parisian Gallerist Michel Leiris // Reykjavik National Museum Island
    • “Les peintres de la Monnaie” // Palais des Beaux-Arts Lille
    • Piano Trytique for two pianos on Léo de Faucher paintings // Na Loba theater // Pennautier
    • Exhibition of Arthur Van Hecke // City Hall // Roubaix
    • Collaboration soirée Cocteau // Mischkind Gallery // Lille
  • Working with radios, theaters, dance compagnies and film directors

    For many years, I have taken pleasure in collaborating to movies, radios, theater and dance compagnies on several projects.

    There are some few examples of collaborations I have done:

    Christmas Tale

    This tale was recorded by the famous french actor, Michel Bouquet. And it was created in Lille Metropole.

    Documentary for the Museum Louvre Lens

    I have worked with the producer of this documentary. And we chose together some of my works for the two movies of this documentary.

    Ballet Company

    I wrote a theme for piano. And every hour, the company was dancing and I improvise on this theme.

    Commission for the opening of Odile Duboc National Ballet company

    Commision for the Ballet company

    Le quadrille des homards directed by choregrapher Sarah Nouveau

  • Next dates


    [WORLD PREMIERE] February 16th - Hermont

    op 287 Sonata for oboe and piano

    Oboe Hautbois Guillaume Retail, piano Frédéric Volanti.


    [WORLD PREMIERE] February 18th, Paris Oboe Festival, le Triton, 11 bis rue du Coq Français, les Lilas, 20h

    Sonata for Oboe and piano - op 287

    Oboe : Guillaume Retail. Piano : Frédéric Volanti.

    World Premiere of op 288 - Kaleidoscope I - Classic-Jazz-Electro.

    Oboe : Guillaume Retail. Piano : Frédéric Volanti. Electro : Darius Choveaux



    March 26th - Château de Lunéville.

    Sextuor op 286 “Les lumières”

    String quartet: Stanislas

    4 hands piano Zala and Val Kravos


    [WORLD PREMIERE] April 2nd, Cultural Center of Bondues,

    “Homage to Yeats” op 278

    Poems written by Yeats transformed into music

    Voice : Stephan Hayes, piano ; Frédéric Volanti, cello : Stéphanie Mouchet

    Direction : Jacob Vouters, Production : Rémi Vouters.


    May 26th - CEC Theatre d'Yverres

    Creation of the "Opera au pays de Gustave Caillebotte", created during the composing residency CRD Yerres 2022-2023, with the CRD of Yerres


    [WORLD PREMIERE] May 27th - Yverres Theater

    Opéra au Pays de Gustave Caillebotte op284

    Repeat on May 28th morning of the opera by the students and teacher of Val d'Yerres' CRD.

    More information on this link


    [WORLD PREMIERE] June 18th - Lille, Auditorium place to concert - 18h

    Quintet for guitar, op 106 "La Dolce Vita", season "Chambre à part"

    Guitar : Nicolas Lestoquoy

    Quatuor Sirius


    [WORLD CREATION] Summer - South Korea


    op 301 Aïkus for flute and guitar

    Flute : Junjha Suh

    Guitar : Thibault Hennequin.


    [WORLD PREMIERE] June 24th - Paris Philarmonie - 14h

    Ouverture op 290 "Pace" for Orchestra,


    [RESIDENCY] October - Composition residency


    Balad for solo violin and strings orchestra

    Violin : Maité Louis

    Chamber Orchestra of Toulouse

    Théâtre de Narbonne


    [RECORDING] November 2023

    Order from Villa Caillebotte

    For flute and piano

    Inspired from Gustave Caillebotte's paintings

    Flute : Pierre Pouillaude, Piano : Amaury Breyne



    [WORLD CREATION] for choirs - Bavaria - Germany

    Order for Ars Nova

    Direction : Renata Becosz


    [WORLD CREATION] Salle Poirel Nancy

    Order for Stanislas Quartet

    Quintet op°300 “ Stanislas Leszczynski” for oboe and string quartet

    Oboe : Guillaume Retail

    String quartet : Stanislas

  • Previous dates


    [RESIDENCY] January 2022 - June 2023

    Composition Residency

    CRD Val d'Yerres



    [WORLD PREMIERE] August 21st - Pennautier - Domaine les Albarels

    Prelude for piano - Vents des Flandres n°3,j op 65


    [BELGIAN PREMIERE] September 24th - Gent Opera - 20h30.

    Belgian Creation of op 250 Romance n°2 for violin and piano.

    Violin : Bart Vandenbogaerde, piano : Margarita Höenrieder.


    [WORLD PREMIERE] 12th October - Romanian Ambassy in Paris - 20h00. Preludes for piano - books I & II

    World Premiere of op 181 and op 182 dedicated to Jonas Vitaud.

    Piano ; Jonas Vitaud.


    [RESIDENCY] 25th-30th October - Residency in Bondues' Cultural Center to set up the show "Homage to Yeats" (Wolrd Premiere on April 2nd 2023)


    [ALBUM] Release of the album Poem for 4-hands-piano

    Zala and Val Kravos


    [WORLD PREMIERE] November 6th - Nancy, Salle Poirel, 17h00

    Sextuor op 286 “ Les Lumières”.

    String quartet : Stanislas

    4 hands piano : Zala and Val Kravos


    [WORLD PREMIERE] December 18th, Auditorium Place du concert Lille

    “NEW WORLD STREAM op 279 classic/Jazz for 2 pianos.

    Piano : Amaury Breyne & Frédéric Volanti.


    [MOVIE MUSIC] December 2022

    Documentary movie about the paintor Yann Casimir Krakowiak "Krako es-tu là"

    Production : Vouters

    Music : Françoise Choveaux



    [WORLD CREATION] December 2022, Munich

    Order for Hansjörg Albrecht, organ



    4th June - Festival “Ma Vigne en Musique” Narbonne

    Miniatures for reeds trio op7

    Paul & François Meyer clarinet and oboe, Gilbert Audin bassoon.


    9th July - release of the CD Debussy/Choveaux label Calliope.

    Preludes, Cyril Guillotin Piano.


    3-4th September - Festival "Notes d'écume" Leucate, France

    Op 253, Romance n°2 for violin and piano

    Maïté Louis violin, Cyril Guillotin piano


    13- 19 September - Italy

    Jury for the the SANREMO Russian Piano Music International Competition.


    25th September - 18h - La Grange au Son - Mirecourt - France

    Studies in tribute to Rachmaninov op 163

    Kiryl Keduk Piano.


    1st October - 20h30 - Grange Ste Geneviève

    World creation : poem for piano, 4 hands op269

    Duo Zala &Val Kravos.


    2nd November

    Op 269, poem for 4-hands piano - Zala & Val Kravos Duo

    World creation : Festival inernational de Rungis


    9th & 11th December - Museum La Piscine de Roubaix, Musée d’Art et d’Industrie André Diligent.

    Creation VISIONS SONORES III for piano, pieces for piano.

    Amaury Breyne piano.



    - Op 255, Tres Danzas "Recuerdos", guitar duet - Sébastien Llinares and Nicolas Lestoquoy

    - “Visions Sonores" III, Works commissioned by the Museum “La Piscine” Roubaix France for the exibition homage to Eugène Dodeigne

    - World première 13 Preludes for guitar : Guitar Sébastien Llinares to be recorded and published


    2021-2022 : recording of the poem for 4 hands by Zala & Vals Kravos duo. Ars Produktion Label


    21th April 2020 - Sofia, Bulgaria - World Première

    - World premiere “Impression Bulgares op263 “ for 2 pianos

    - Bulgarian premiere for Sonata n°1 and preludes : Sonate n I op 119 pour piano “Sonate d’Hiver”, Preludes : Tableaux ; I “Autoportrait à la mine de plomb” 1930, IV” Grande pâture”


    19th April 2020 - Narbonne, France - Festival ”Ma Vigne en Musique ” // postponed to april 2021

    “Miniatures pour trio d’anches”

    Clarinette Paul Meyer, Oboe Françoise Meyer, Bassoon Gilbert Audin


    1st May 2020 - Narbonne, France - Festival “Ma Vigne en Musique” // postponed to april 2021

    Sonata n°1 for flute and piano

    Flute Magalie Mosnier, piano Romain Descharmes


    16th May - Polling - Abbey Bavaria, Germany - World Première

    - Tango op 261 for four piano hands, bandoneon and string quartett:

    Piano Margarita Höenrieder &Kit Armstrong Quartett soloists of Munich Opéra

    - Piano quintett n°4 op 250

    Piano Margarita Höenrieder, string quartett soloists of Munich Opera.


    27th September - Espace Culturel Bondues - World Premierepo

    World première Lovesong Book I

    Françoise Choveaux piano, Hugues Rousé Saxophone.


    April 2021 - Commissions from Le Musée La Piscine Roubaix France - World Première

    - Piano quintett n°5 op 265

    Piano Margarita Hôenrieder, string quartett soloists of Munich Opera

    - Piano quintett n°6 op 268

    Piano Margarita Hôenrieder, string quartett soloists of Munich Opera- Piano préludes n°5 OP231, n6 232, n7 op233,n10 op236, n11 op 237

    Piano Françoise Choveaux

    - Choral for 4 hands and string quartett op266

    Piano Françoise Choveaux & Margarita Höenrieder, string quartett,soloists of Munich Opera

    - Poem for cello and piano op267

    Soloists of Munich Opera.


    19th March - World Première - Luxembourg

    Prelude for piano n° 7 op 174 cahier I & II

    Piano Borislava Taneva



    13th April - World Première - Narbonne Classic Festival "Ma Vigne en Musique"

    Prélude n°1 cahier II for piano

    Piano Bruno Rigutto

    Prelude n°4 cahier I for piano

    Piano Gaspard Dehaene


    21st Avril - World Première - Narbonne Classic Festival "Ma Vigne en Musique"

    Prelude n°1 cahier II for piano

    Piano Geoffroy Couteau, Château de Bouïs Gruissan


    26th May - 4th August - Les Théophanies Festival - Château de Rieux Minervois, France

    Residency. 4 creations :

    26th May - World Première - op 253 romance for violin and piano “ Le Baiser”

    Violin Deborah Nemtanu, piano Cyril Guillotin.
    23th Juin - World Première - op 257 “ Belh m’es quand lo vens” for choirs

    Vocal ensemble Soli Notirem.

    7th July - World Première - op 255 “Recuerdos, Tres Danzas” for two guitars

    Guitar Sébastien Llinares and Nicolas Lestoquoy.

    4th August - World Première - op 256 valse for piano

    Piano Bertrand Giraud.


    27th July - World Premiere - International piano festival “Les Cabardièses” Pennautier France.

    Op 252 “Danses françaises” for four hands piano

    Piano Dana Ciocarlie and Christiane Baume Sanglard.


    28th July - World Première - International piano festival “Les Cabardièses” Pennautier France.

    Op 217 Prelude - Tableau 1 for piano

    Piano Yunn-An Lee


    4th August - World Première - St Ursanne international piano Festival - Switzerland

    op 251 Summer Sonata for piano

    Piano Margarita Höenrieder


    20th November - World Première - Chiang Mai Ginastera international Music Festival, Thaïland.

    op 256 “ Homage to Ginastera”

    Piano Atsuko Seta


    17th November - World Première - Chiang Mai Ginastera international Music Festival, Thaïland.

    Op 260 Sonata Argentina


    28th November - Premiere for the music of the movie "Les flambeaux d’Ascq” - cinema Meliés Villeneuve d’Ascq, France


    [COMPETITION] Award of the international award for composition « Herald Genzmer » in Munich

    [WORLD PREMIERE] 13th & 15th November

    World premiere in La piscine Museum in Roubaix for works for piano, Jazz Orchestra. France

    • Four hands : Françoise Choveaux et Amaury Breyne // Op 242 & 244
    • Solo Françoise Choveaux // op 243
    • Jazz Trio de jazz with Hugues Rousé, Frederic Volanti et Sebastien Dauchy // op 245, 246, 247, 248, 24

    [CONCERT] 26th November
    Françoise Choveaux performed her Concert no 2 for piano and string orchestra (op 26) in Kosovo, for the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

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    +33 786 519 312